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My love of crafting, and in particular, creating from clay began years ago when I was a child enjoying the company of my grandmother, Grammie Gladys, who owned and operated her own in home ceramic shop business. The "Pot Shop", which it was known as, was located in the large basement of a turn of the century home in Indiana. Many hours were spent in the fellowship of friends and customers learning the art of ceramics from the most creative person I have known, my grandmother, Gladys Brandenburger. Each day as I walk into my workshop the sights and smells that greet me bring back happy memories of years gone by. My craft has been inspired by and is dedicated to Grammie and her "Pot Shop".

Several years ago I began to work with clay on a regular basis and Cedarthorn Candles grew from a happy memory to a small business. I have combined old ideas with new to create unique clay items which you will see pictured in my on line catalog. I am continually creating new items of interest, some simply fun or decorative, others extremely useful. To mention just a few, check out the variety of clay saucers available in different sizes and shapes with multiple uses from coasters, potpourri containers, jar candle holders and much more. One of my favorite items, and also one of the most popular and timeless, are the pies filled with scented rosehips that create a wonderfully warm and fragrant atmosphere for any home. Each piece is made and finished by hand so each offers its own unique quality.

We also offer bulk, scented rosehips and refresher oils for use as a potpourri for the saucers and various clay containers. We are very proud to note that all these products are completely AMERICAN made.

Each year from July through December, Cedarthorn Candles exhibits, on the weekends, at craft shows throughout the mid-west. Please feel free to contact us for an updated listing of our upcoming show schedule.

I invite you to browse and enjoy my user friendly internet site. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and be sure to check out the HOT HOT HOT items and also our SPECIALS OF THE MONTH which allow us to pass on special savings on our most popular items.

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